Translate millions of African voices into insight.

Discover the African consumer’s sentiment towards your brand and the space you operate in.

We handle the complexities of languages and dialects, so you don’t have to

Have an easier time with reputation management

Get a complete understanding of how the public is speaking about your brand. Identify mentions to amplify, or resolve.

Track brand performance

Go high level and see trends in mention volume and sentiment. Drill down and track performance of campaigns, keywords, and hashtags across different time periods.

See your strengths and weaknesses

Get concrete data on how the public feels about different customer touch-points and product or services you offer. Prioritise where to invest your efforts.

Stay on top of the competition

See concrete data on popularity and who is reaching more customers. Identify business risks and oppurtunities. React to competitor actions and events.

What your teams can do with Versus Listen

Build a community

Connect with influencers to build ambassadors. Identify influencers who are detractors, reach out, resolve issues and convert them.

Track campaign reception

Filter out irrelevant mentions and focus in on campaign keywords and hashtags. Gauge reception by looking at sentiment for the period.

Translate reputation into numbers

Volume of online mentions, sentiment, social media reach and more. Share how your efforts have improved KPIs over different time periods.

Shape public perception

Use sentiment to understand your perception. Find great mentions to amplify and boost your image. Resolve negative mentions to douse fires.

Lessen the blow of crises

Get notified about critical mentions before they spread like fire. Step in and resolve issues with product or services. Show the public you care.

Prioritise customer support

See what mentions require immediate attention based on reach and sentiment. Tackle the most important mentions first.

Uncover trends and opinions

See what is missing from products and services in your market. What consumers are looking for and implement before the competition.

Get relevant customer feedback

Collect mentions featuring positive and negative feedback. Uncover customer pain points and suggestions for improvement.

See what the competition is doing

See where your competitors have got it right, so you can replicate it. And where they’re failing, so you can fill in the gap they can’t.

Let’s help you win

Learn how Versus can help you win in the African market with a quick demo.

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