Introducing Versus

Your brand’s pressing questions, answered.

Versus combines online and offline consumer data to give brands actionable and competitive insight for the African market.

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Affiliates and recognition

Pioneering sentiment analysis in Africa

Helping brands make better decisions with data

See what people say about your brand

Monitor your brand’s presence online, keep track of marketing efforts, and optimize your organization’s future efforts.

Monitor social media, news, forums, and blogs
Understand local market needs

Manage reputation, and boost customer relationships

Engage your audience and turn customer issues into delightful moments.

Respond to customer inquires, diffuse crisis
Reply to social posts, news, blogs and forum

Gain detailed consumer insight

Get personal and contextual data from your audience using our network of Scouts. Poll users offline to gather very specific data across many topics.

Uses Net Promoter Score (NPS) framework
Target specific demographics
Reduce risk by asking your audience directly