Real-time market insights for Africa at scale

Our on-demand survey tool sends your pressing questions to thousands of vetted respondents in Africa.

See how African cultures shape consumer behaviour, then tailor your strategy to match

Reach the relevant respondents

All our respondents are profiled by demographic attributes, so your surveys can reach exactly who you need to.

Get results in hours, not weeks

Respondents are ready and waiting to engage in market research. Once your surveys get sent off you can see results in real-time.

Get the bigger picture

See how certain groups of respondents answer survey questions differently by filtering results by demographic attributes.

Do you make the purchase decision?

All people

Creating social impact by amplifying the voice of the African consumer

Together with our partners, we are creating a community of Africans dedicated to ethical, best practice Market Research.

We empower by providing income earning opportunities while building a new and relevant industry within the African economy.

What your teams can do with Versus Ask

Conduct brand tracking research

Understand your place in your consumers’ mind by gauging the market for brand awareness, loyalty, and what they associate your brand with.

Get feedback on campaigns

Test campaign concepts with respondents before it goes live to gauge success. Get feedback post launch to do better next time.

Get competitive intelligence

Reveal the popular brand rankings in your market and understand the reasons behind these results among customers.

Identify market opportunities

Query respondents to understand how products in your category fit into their lives. Reveal gaps that you can capitalise on.

Test the market to reduce risk

Find issues with a new product, or service before it goes live. Test with potential users for product value and purchasing interest.

Understand consumer behaviour

Get insight into how, when, and why consumers are looking for products in your category. Find out where you can fit into the customer journey.

Let’s help you win

Learn how Versus can help you win in the African market with a quick demo.

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