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To create a thriving economy built on the collaboration of corporations and their customers.

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Join us in building infrastructure that leverages online and offline consumer data to give brands actionable and competitive insight for the African market. We think you'll enjoy solving difficult challenges and making technology that is intuitive, flexible, and accessible.

Our values

We play fair

We exude true sportsmanship— the consideration for fairness, ethics, respect, and a sense of fellowship with one's competitors.

We seek to understand

We seek to understand the problem, the opportunity, and each other. We ask and listen. Every engagement is an opportunity to try something new. To understand something deeper. To help our brands know their audience better.

We build trust with transparency

We want to build from a foundation of optimism, passion and positivity. We understand the power of being vulnerable. We acknowledge when someone’s idea is better. When we mess up, we say so.

We learn by doing

We love to invent and do things for the first time. We’re optimistic. We’re passionate and positive. We love people who believe everything is possible. We should never be afraid to ship forward thinking work.

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